About Us

Who we are

JNews is an independent source of analysis, opinion, information and news on Israel and Palestine

What we do

JNews provides the British media and the public at large with up-to-date, accurate news, as well as features, commentary and analysis by leading experts, some of which is specially commissioned by JNews.

JNews draws its material from a wide variety of sources and lays special emphasis on Israeli and Palestinian non-governmental outlets/agencies.

JNews offers a unique database of prominent experts from the UK, Israel and Palestine who can participate in media and public discussion.

Our aims and values

JNews promotes understanding and stimulates critical debate about Israel and Palestine among British Jews and the broader public as a contribution to promoting peace with justice for all in the region.

JNews believes that disseminating a range of viewpoints broader than that offered by most Jewish and Israeli organizations will benefit Palestinians and Israelis.

JNews supports the human rights of both Israelis and Palestinians and believes the two are intertwined.

JNews believes in the application of the universal principles of social justice and human rights as the path to a just and comprehensive solution to the conflict.

List of Patrons

  • Prof Zygmunt Bauman
  • Sir Geoffrey Bindman
  • Prof Emeritus Leslie Baruch Brent
  • Prof Stan Cohen
  • Moris Farhi MBE
  • June Jacobs CBE
  • Prof Mary Kaldor
  • Helena Kennedy QC
  • Prof Francesca Klug OBE
  • Ursula Owen OBE
  • Rabbi Danny Rich
  • Prof Avi Shlaim
  • Marina Warner
  • Rabbi Alexandra Wright
  • Prof Emeritus John S Yudkin FRCP

List of Trustees

  • Lady Ellen Dahrendorf
  • Richard Kuper
  • Antony Lerman
  • Maurice Naftalin
  • Prof Lynne Segal
The initiation of JNews was made possible through a generous donation from the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust.